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We have developed a standalone emergency health information database that positively identifies you while allowing you to keep your personal information and medical record private. Our new system allows patients/customers to link EHRs from current healthcare agencies maximizing patient outcomes and resources. 

You never know when an health emergency may happen to you or a loved one. Have you ever stopped to think about your important health information that may impact saving you or your loved ones' life? When saving a life time is valuable. Bailey ID Solutions uses biometric fingerprinting to positively identify customers and any documented health conditions they may have to better help save their life.

In the absence of healthcare identifiers, which are used to distinguish patients from each other, hospitals are scrambling to find an easier way to identify their patients. It’s especially confusing to keep track of patients when they have multiple last names, change residences frequently, and pediatric patients. Let us help you make identifying your patients/customers easier, while utilizing our great network of healthcare professionals to strengthen your healthcare continuum!






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Our mission is to help save as many lives possible, while giving back to those in need.     -L.Bailey

Now offering portable medical office solutions linking all requested patient EHRs. Our systems are compatible with most EHR/EMR software like EPIC and Allscripts, HIPAA Compliant, Windows compatible, Telemedicine capability, Payment solutions, and Biometric patient identification. Utilize our great network of healthcare professionals and free business solutions, enroll Today!​

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Benefits of enrollment:

  • First responders will have the ability to identify you and your current emergency medical information quickly.
  • All of your current medical records can be linked per patient/customer request to help with healing and eliminate duplicate procedures and maximizing resources.
  • If you suffer from mental or cognitive conditions that may hinder safe identification.
  • If you suffer from any allergic conditions that require immediate medical attention.
  • If you take any high risk medications.
  • If you have a rare blood type or rare health condition.
  • If you have religious belief healthcare restrictions.
  • Current code status (DNR/DNI).
  • If you lose your wallet or passport with identifying documents.
  • Join/Utilize a network of healthcare professionals, trainers, chefs, 24 hour RN advice line, and free healthcare business solutions.

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